JJRD Investments, Inc.


I have lived at Virginia Manor for seven years and I love it. I really have a place to call home. The current managers and owners have really turned this place around in the past few years and it is so exciting to see so many families and kids living here.

This was my first apartment rental and I was greeted by friendly staff and nice neighbors that made me feel comfortable being that I was out on my own for the first time.

I lived at Virginia Manor and then transferred to Adobe Casitas and I like the fact that I had no negihbors above me and I park right in front of my door. Everyone that i have met so far have been very nice.

Management  and Maintenance rocks! My roommate and I needed an apartment right away and even though our unit wasnt scheduled to be ready, management and staff did all they could to get the unit done ahead of schedule so we didnt have to stay in a hotel. Thank you for everything you guys did!

I was told never to go to Virginia Manor because it use to be a not so good place. I decided one day to stop by and see for myself. All I can say is that you have to see this place before you judge it. The staff was very nice to me, showed me an apartment and in three weeks I moved in. They have cleaned up this place and continue to do so all the time. The owners are always having the staff on new projects to make this complex a nice place to live. I highly recommend this to everyone!


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